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Stocken 1

In March 2017 Kairos ran its first mission into HMP Stocken, a male C Category prison, 15 miles north of Peterborough.
A mixed gender team of 24 Christian volunteer joined 18 participants for five days listening and discussing, laughing and crying in the Chapel. Some of the participants had already a connection with the Chapel but for others Kairos was the first opportunity they had to engage with Christians or the teachings of Jesus.
The impact on the men was noticeable. All moved in a Christ like direction. The Governors and the Chaplains were delighted with the feedback they got from the men and the wing officers. During the week 14000 hand baked cookies made church congregations across the region were eaten in the prison. They all had tasted and saw the Lord was Good.
In the six month follow up Journey programme we had full attendances.
The Governor has invited us to future missions. If interested in hearing more.   Contact us.

Littlehey 1

In June 2017 the first Kairos in HMP Littlehey ( Nr Huntingdon)  took place. Originally 12 participants were met in the chapel by 18 volunteers.   
It was a successful five days and the impact on the men was impressive. All agreed that the course had been very helpful and that they felt free to were able to discuss things on Kairos that had been locked up inside them for much of their lives. The service of healing for hurt emotions on Friday was a breakthrough for many who knew that that day was the “first day of the rest of their life”, because  Jesus’ love had set them free and healed their wounds and restored their hope.
The Governor and the Chaplain were both enthusiastic about the results and have asked for a second mission in 2018 for 18 or even 24 participants as soon as a team can be mobilised and trained.

If interested in hearing more, contact us.


HMP Whitemoor

Whitemoor are well used to the arrival in October of crates of cookies. It is a reminder to the staff and to the men that Kairos time is here once more.
The observable change in attitude and behaviour the men who are still in the prison who had graduated from one of the earlier six Kairos mission was the best calling card for mission 7.
The 5 days culminated in the forgiveness service when locked in bitterness from childhood was released in many and a new peace that the world cannot give descended on them.
All is set for Whitemoor # 8 in October 2018.

 If interested in hearing more, contact us